Countdown to IBIBO 2023: Only Six Weeks to Go!

With just six weeks left until this year IBIBO, the preparations are in full swing!

We’re stimulated by the response we’ve received from the international bowling community. As of now, we have confirmation from 110 international players from across the globe who are gearing up to roll their best shots. This truly makes this year’s event a global gathering of some of the most talented bowlers.

It’s not just the international community that’s making waves. We have 26 local players (and counting!) who have registered for the competition, eager to showcase their skills and represent the local bowling force. It’s going to be an intense competition with the best of local and international talent!

Want to Join?

For those who haven’t signed up yet, there’s still time! Join the ranks of the elite bowlers and be a part of this incredible event. Remember, every pin counts, and every game tells a story. Let’s create some unforgettable tales this year at IBIBO.

See you at the lanes!